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Greensboro > Real Estate > Rentals Wanted > Great Salary . . bad credit

Great Salary . . bad credit


• 3 bedrooms • 2.0 bathrooms

Greensboro, NC • 06/12/2008

My fiancee and I make $80,000 annually however, I have absolutely atrocious credit (from a previous marriage) and he does not have credit at all. We are an older, dependle couple -- with good jobs looking for a home or apartment to rent for at least one year. We do not have small children or pets (sorry to all the wonderful parents of little ones and pets!) Given our credit situation, we are willing to negotiate a higher security deposit, a longer term lease or whatever is appropriate.

We are looking to move in 1-2 weeks. Please let me know if you have a property or know of anyone who can work with our situation.



Posted by: JazzTab

Located: Greensboro, NC


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